Amazing Projects from our First Event!

maerdream 8 Months+ 223

You can never imagine how talented and creative these Tinkers are!

Have a look at the following winner projects in our first event.

First Prize: @ ‎Lisabeth Lueninghoener

Take a look at how unbelievable this mechanical claw is!

It seems like our little wizards are ready to take a ferris wheel with Harry Potter! @Mikelle Remington Kostial‎

I beg you’re one of The Wright Brothers, little fella! @Tina Chircop

What’s your dream career? Maybe…A motorcyclist! @Chris Ferrie‎

Dragon Attack! But that’s not a big deal for our little warrior! @‎Chong Hui Da

Third Prize:

Last but not the least, Tinkamo is not only for kids, but for everyone born to be a creator! @Karl-Petter Åkesson‎

If you also have built great projects, feel free to post a thread under the Project Showroom and share with us! 

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    Glad to see that kids and big kids are having fun!