Winners of Our Second Event

jingwang 8 Months+ 253

Hi T-Family members,


Happy weekend! Hope you all enjoy the event and our products!


There are 4 people participated in our second event, thanks for sharing your amazing projects with all of us!


After carefully counting, we selected our winners:


First Prize: @ ‎Lee Liak Wee

Your crane is so powerful to lift the Easter Egg and great wishes!


Second Prize:


1. @Mikelle Remington Kostial‎

It’s a beautiful Bridge! And congratulations on defeated Thanos! It’s a powerful Easter Egg!


2. @Tina Chircop

It’s great that you prepared the Easter egg well to be eaten, hope it’s delicious~

3. @Lisabeth Lueninghoener

It seems like the goalkeeper has completed the task and protected its goal!


We will contact the winners next week, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


May creativity rule the world.

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    Wow this is amazing! So many creative ideas! 
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