BBS Points System

jingwang 7 Months+ 169

Hi T-families,

Welcome to our new home! This community is designed for everyone to share your own creates and problems. Once you posted something on the community you can earn points and more points can lead to more privileges. The details are listed below:

Earn Points

Create a Thread

  • 20 points

Reply a Post

  • 5 points

Chosen as Digest

  • 20 points

Redeem Points

100 points

2 modules*

200 points

5 modules

300 points

9 modules or a Play Kit

400 points

14 modules or a equivalent kit



*Choices module: Motor, Servo, Core, Button, Pixel, Slide, Distance, Voice, Knob, Path, Color, Joystick, Gear Box, Claw.

Note: Modules are assigned by Tinkamo, shipping cost might incur when redeeming points. Tinkamo preserves all the rights for explanations.

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