Introduce Yourself Here!

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Hello all new Tinkers! Welcome to T-family!

If you are a New Tinker, feel free to introduce yourself here and meet with other Tinkers!

You could tell us which country you live in, how old your kids are, how your family spend spare time together or which cartoon character your kids like most. You could also share how you came across Tinkamo, what you like/dislike about Tinkamo and even what you want to achieve on this forum!

  • If you have any questions or issues with the kits you received, try the Customer Support Forum!  

  • If you want to share your codes or need any help with coding, try the Coding Club Forum!  

  • If you want to show off your amazing projects, try the Project Showroom Forum!  

  • If you would like to share any fun things about parenting,  try the Parenting Memes Forum!

  • If you would like to participate in our biweekly challenges and win free gifts, try the Tinker Challenge Forum!

  • If you want to share anything elses that interest you or your kids recently, check the Beyond Tinkamo Forum!

Please note that this thread is for New Tinkers to introduce themselves only.

Hope you all have a good time and make friends here!  

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    Hello, I'm gabe.  Got the tinkamo kit so I can build fun toys with my kids.  Love it so far, hours of fun.