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Smart Building Blocks
For Future Creators

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Meet Tinkamo

Tinkamo is a smart and creative toy companion of your kids. It brings their ideas to life and introduces them the basics of coding.

Smart Building Blocks

The blocks are so smart that they have eyes to see, ears to hear, legs to move and even brains to think. They are also compatible with LEGO® and they can be built on each other.

Derek, Dad of 3 Sons

"With three creative boys we looked for toys that were more engaging than Minecraft.Tinkamo nicely bridges the gap providing endless creativity and self-made games."

Intuitive Coding

Drag'n'drop to code. Sync wirelessly with the blocks. See instant results.

Fun Learning

Take your kids on an adventure of coding. These attention-grabbing mini games are full of challenges.

Sharon, Mom of 2 Girls

"The mini games are super interesting and fun.My girls didn't want to stop.Tinkamo is such a great toy for young kids to understand the basic of coding.We love it!"

See Kids Create with Tinkamo

Tink something fun, useful or even crazy! Tinkamo provides an unlimited number of ways to create and play.

A wake-me-up bed that never lets me sleep overtime

A UFO catcher that I can create with my mom

A home band with my dad using gesture control

A speech-recognizing tissue box at my service

Award Winning Design
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Game Changer for Schools

Tinkamo has well combined art, design, engineering and AI, the result is diversified creations by the kids. I'm really impressed by how many ideas the kids can have to fulfill on single task.

UPro Education

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Valuable Tool for Coding Education

Tinkamo also supports Scratch and Python. Kids can dive deeper into the world of coding and create something more powerful and capable. It also connects kids to a vast community of teachers and professional developers in the world.

Professor Rodolfo
New York University

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Designed With ❤ From Shanghai

We are designers, educators, architects, makers and parents from Shanghai, China. We are making technology super easy and fun for our children.

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